Know instantly how much life is left in any 9V or AA battery. Do you wonder if you′re replacing your AA and 9V batteries too soon? How can you tell? Don′t leave it to chance that your electronic devices and other battery powered appliances can go the distance.

"We use our battery testers every week to check batteries in our wireless microphones. We have up to 26 wireless mics being used in 5 different worship services. That′s a lot of batteries to check! Your product supports a great ministry here at Blackshear Place."

Director of Communications, Blackshear Place Baptist Church


9 Volt Battery Tester




Touch the probe tips of the handheld BatTestR*9 to the battery contacts and look at the indicator lights. The BatTesR*9 tests the battery under load and displays its condition instantly.

  • Self–Powered
  • Tests batteries in situ (probes attached)
  • Tests batteries under load (10 mA)


1.5 AA Volt Battery Tester




Pop the battery into the handheld BatTestR*1.5 and look at the indicator lights. The BatTestR*1.5 tests the battery under load and displays its condition instantly.

  • Self–Powered
  • Tests batteries under load (60 mA), as shown.


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