Low–cost game show buzzer systems ideal for Bible drills, academic learning games, corporate training games, and activities such as Jeopardy and Family Feud. Features unique "lock out circuitry"—when the first contestant buzzes in, any other player′s response is "locked out".

FunBuzzer Original

FunBuzzer™ Original
Flexibility at an affordable price:

  • Moderator controlled.
  • Up to a total of 8 Remote Units; can accommodate 2–40 players.
  • 7 Remote style choices (mix or match).
  • Colored lenses available as separate accessory.
  • Electrically powered AC plug–in.
  • Relay Module option for hooking up special effects such as lights and sirens.
  • Large Remote light provides visibility in larger venues.

FunBuzzer JR

FunBuzzer JR™
Simplicity, versatility, flexibility:

  • Each Module operates independently—no Control Unit required.
  • Up to 36 players.
  • Optional Beeper Modules and PA Modules available.
  • Economical and compact.
  • Multiple color choices of LEDs.
  • Battery operated (9–V battery included).
  • Easy storage and portability.