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"We used ours (FunBuzzer™) for a corporate version of Comedy Central′s "Win Ben Stein′s Money" at the Sonic Restaurant Annual Convention. Worked like a charm without rehearsals."

Jack R, Tulsa OK


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"I have been using them (FunBuzzer™) in my show choir group. I am a middle school music teacher and have 7th & 8th grade show choir and we travel to other cities to compete against other schools. Our show mimics the Jeopardy show as a theme and the buzzers play an integral part of the performance. It really works. Other teachers want to adopt them into their classrooms for quizzing when I′m done with them."

Teacher at South Dearborn Middle School

"Wanted to let you know we are enjoying our FunBuzzer™! We had a Bible Bee on the book of Matthew and our church had two teams. There were a total of eight teams. We came in first AND second. We feel the FunBuzzer™ helps to make us "quick on the draw" HA!"

Thanks, Cindy LaFon
Grace UMC youth leader

"The system has been used at seven county fairs and the just ending state fair. It has worked great with no malfunctions. With set up and take down so easy it was a joy to use and I could ask anyone to help me with setup."

Peter Carlson, Manager
Washington Junior Poultry Exposition

"Finally I can take the opportunity to thank you!

Since more than two years we now use your FunBuzzers™ with great success in our Film-Quiz-Shows in Vienna, Austria. There are six teams, up to ten people each, guessing the name of films from pictures.

We performed our show in various locations - and within half an hour all our equipment was always fully set up to play. (FunBuzzers™, cables, laptops, beamer). I am no technician at all – but it is really easy to use! So far we had more than 20 shows – and there was never a single problem with our buzzers. Last week, one team even spilled a glass of beer on the table with the FunBuzzer and nothing happened (... but we don′t want to see that happening again! ;-)

Right now we have a real growing fan base of movie-maniacs that love our show and love to play with your equipment. Thank you very much for making all that joy possible!"

Greetings from Vienna, Austria--Johannes

"The kids absolutely love it! I′ve created a type of Jeopardy game geared to both the 5th and 6th graders . . . and it′s magnetized to stick on the white board. It′s great for review of all subjects! Thanks again for a great product!"

Ruth Burnett, O′Conner Elementary School

Osborne Entertainment

"Thanx for your great products. This is a photo of the podium I put together with your products. The FunBuzzer™ system is built in with the COUNTDOWN TIMER. Works great. The whole system will be placed in a casino for long term use for contests." (Photo at left)

Mike Osborne, Osborne Entertainment
Reno, NV

"The FunBuzzers™ are such a hit at my church youth group. The children, ages 9–18, actually study Bible questions and answers so we can have tournaments. These buzzers are durable, easy to set up, flexible in the number of buzzers that you wish to use, and are by far the most affordable that you can find anywhere. I introduced them to my other church Sunday school; they liked them so much that we ordered another set. Boling Engineering is very personable and stands behind their products!"

Laura Sparrow Hood,
Director of Christian Education, Neshanic Reformed Church, New Jersey
Youth Director, Faith Lutheran Church, New Jersey

"As I return to school on Monday, January 3, after the Christmas Holidays, my students will use the FunBuzzer™ for the first time this year, and they are very excited because I recently shared successful stories of how I have used the buzzers in my classes during the past year. On Monday, my students will complete a standards–based oral assessment. I will ask them various questions pertaining to an array of standards that I have taught them since the onset of school. They were instructed to study during their Christmas vacation.

Thanks for checking in and also for creating an awesome tool that makes learning fun especially for reluctant learners. I look forward to ordering additional FunBuzzers™ when the appropriate funds become available."

Follow up email:
I am happy to report that my students whom I address as my sagacious learners were filled with delight when they walked into my classroom after Christmas vacation and saw that the room was arranged for playing Standards–Based Jeopardy. Immediately, they knew the would get to use the FunBuzzer™ System for the very first time.

As one student walked to his seat, he said, "Please! May I press the red button one time just to see how the buzzers work?" I agreed, and as he pressed the button, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. I then instructed him to deactivate the orange light that was lit, and his face continued to beam.

Other quotes from students included the following: "Can we please play again tomorrow? I am going home, and I make sure I study my homework. Please!"

"Can we play again especially for those students who did not win?" beamed one student.

I responded, "All students are winners. We will continue to learn and play again soon."

When it comes to reviewing for standards–based assessments, I have no sad faces in my classes. They are excited because I have been teaching and encouraging them to strive for academic excellence not only in the classroom but for life. They are well aware that learning pays off especially when one plays Jeopardy as seen on national television recently.

I must say FunBuzzers™ are indeed a very creative instructional tool that adds excitement to learning standards–based curriculum. It′s definitely working for a group of sagacious learners who often smile and say, "We are among the best in the West." Thanks for designing your innovative tool."

Ms. Roberts in San Francisco, CA

"We have continued to use our FunBuzzer™ with a variety of children and youth groups at our church and have loaned it to several other churches. We have found also that adults like it as much as the kids. After services, the buzzer really takes a beating as the kids love to make up their own questions and buzz to their hearts content. It has been a great addition to our program, and we foresee using it for years to come. Thanks for the great product."

Jeff Holt, Children′s Pastor
Celebration Christian Fellowship, Tacoma

"Since ordering the FunBuzzer™ better than two years ago I′ve used it multiple times in my junior and senior high youth groups at St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church in Garden City, Michigan. The kids love it – because it′s electronic – but I love it most because it registers who rings in first, which eliminates arguments and disagreements – which is VERY Catholic!

We′ve used it primarily for Catholic Quiz Bowls, and once for a panel night on marriage where select couples – moms and dads of the kids – played the Oldywed Game to great guffaws and laughs.

I′ve also used it twice now for the Catholic Youth Organization′s (CYO′s) annual WIND, a conference for 7th– and 8th–graders in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Again, another Catholic Quiz Bowl. The kids are crazy about it!

I also used it once at a Valentine′s Dinner Dance at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Troy, where I created a humorous ethnic quiz bowl that required couples to ring in when they knew the correct answer. GREAT FUN!

Many people have copied your address from the sticker on the buzzers – and I hope they′'ve placed those orders. It′s a heck of a machine, has kicked up my youth ministry another notch – and as I said, beats banging on the bottom of an empty coffee can with a soup ladle. Which was our previous buzzer system.

You rock. His grace and peace,"

Marilyn Trumper–Samra, St. Raphael′s Coordinator of Youth Ministry

"It is not possible to capture the excitement the FunBuzzer™ generates. (Photo at left.) Students who have not had the confidence or skill to compete are studying more and gaining points for their teams. Other classes are asking what we are doing to have so much fun. Shouldn′t school be fun? Shouldn′t we get to smile while we learn as we spend more taking hours with classmates than with our family? I think so. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Homeroom 222 Miss Hykle′s Class

"I really appreciate your product and personal response to questions and requests."

Mike Rivers in Wasilla, AK

"Just wanted to say that the buzzer system arrived yesterday. WOW! Amazing service! And we love the system—it fits our needs exactly. Thank you!"

C. Suhan, MBA PR, PowerSense Service Manager

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