KlaxonAmp Horn Siren
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NOTE: These demo sounds are for tone only and not loudness (which cannot be communicated).
Trust us—they are LOUD.

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KlaxonAmp Horns–n–Sirens

The KlaxonAmp series of horns–n–sirens combines a paging speaker, a powerful amplifier, an internal sound generation card, and an external AC power supply. This combination yields an economical way to provide a variety of extremely loud warning sounds (SPL of 115 dB, typical) for a variety of different applications. Each of the sounds offered is user selected from the list of models at the time of purchase. The sound is activated (turned on) by means of an external contact closure (switch, relay, or solid state). The warning sound is active for as long as the contact closure is maintained, and stops when the contact closure is released. (With the 500 Ringer, the control signal is taken directly from a phone line through the RJ45 cord/connector provided.) These units are suitable for fixed installation indoor or outdoor use but must be sheltered from water.

There are presently 6 KlaxonAmp models to choose from:

  • US Siren (slow up/down wail)
  • Euro Siren (alternating high and low tones)
  • Horn-1 (continuous or intermittent blasts, switch selected)
  • M*I*S (hazard warning demanding action; continuous or intermittent, switch selected)
  • 500 Ringer (simulated telephone bell ringer)
  • WhooperKlax (fast or slow, switch selected)

A swivel–type wall mounting bracket simplifies installation and orientation.

Tone frequencies have been selected to help compensate for age related and other hearing losses so EVERYONE can hear.

Designed to provide maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level 115 dB, typical) in all applications.

These units are designed to provide only extremely loud signaling tones; they are not suitable for voice or music.

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